Monday, August 3, 2015

Heavy Duty Japan 64mm-PVC-Pipe-Cutter

Max Opening: 64mm, Length: 235mm

Body: Refined Stainless Steel

Blade:  Premium manganese steel

Application: PVC/PPR Pipe Cutter

You Won't Regret Having One Of These.

HS code: 82055900

PVC pipe Cutter


  1. I've done some plumbing work in my own home that turned out to be pretty intensive projects. One time my metal pipes were so corroded that I need to remove entire sections. I ended up using power tools to slice off the sections that weren't salvageable. I wish i would have had one of these nifty pipe slicers instead!

  2. Hi, Stephen, this Heavy Duty Japan 64mm-PVC-Pipe-Cutter, I don't think it's meant for metal tubes or pipes, and it definitely blunts the blade and shorten its lifetime.

    But this cutter is sufficient for PVC, PPR pipes or any of a kind.

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